donderdag 23 mei 2013

Album Review : "From Chaos To Order", by Implants

’From Chaos to order’, is officially out since may 7th.  But we, the lucky few, who attended Groezrock festival, were able to get our hands on a copy as early as april 27th.  And so I did.
I cannot deny feeling a bit like “YES !!!” after the album had its first spin.  To me personally, it felt as if I had been waiting for another release like this one ever since the early 90’s.

Guitarist and allround awesome dude Rob Ramos for instance, keeps delivering little riffs, hooks and melodies throughout the entire album.  Most of those could’ve easily come off of ‘Another day in paradise’.  The (early) Strung Out vibe sometimes just punches you right in the face.

The drums!  The drums I tell ya!!  It’s been awhile since I’ve heard such an exciting racket.  That double bass-drum just literally turns every song into a galopping stampede.  I can name plenty of bands doing that before, but if it’s done in such a good way, who am I to complain?  Never and nowhere does it get boring or monotone, because the bass as well as both guitars are doing more than just playing along in that fast pace.  Which I think is only possible when the musicians have enough experience.  And boy do they!
To me personally, once again, this entire album is a commercial for the promotion of two guitar parts.  Without losing any rhythm or pace, this album is stacked with lovely little melodies, short and slightly longer solo’s.  I’ve heard some that wouldn’t go out of place on your average classic Maiden or Helloween longplayer.

And to top it all off, there’s Ken Conte’s throat.  A wee bit overproduced you say?  Well maybe, but one time you’ll notice it, and the next time you won’t.  Either way, his glass-cutting vocals fit this release like a glove.  Not overly rough or hoarse, but then again not too poppy, nor polished.  And all of it is sung devotedly, straight from the heart.  Best of all, he is able to deliver this live, too.  I can vouch for that!

Can these fine gentlemen ever drop a second bomb like this one?  A worthy successor for this ferocious album?  I don’t know, but I bloody damn well hope so!  Until then, I’ll survive just fine with this disc in my stereo every now and then.

Werner Pauwels.

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